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Kokebi Kosmetik Set

Product shooting Kokebi in Berlin

Product Photography

Product photography is the art of presenting products in a visually appealing way to attract potential customers and convince them of the product's qualities. In cosmetic product photography, it is especially important to present the features and benefits of the products in an aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some important aspects and considerations:
Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to highlight the textures, colors and details of cosmetic products. Soft, diffused lighting can help avoid unwanted shadows and evenly illuminate the product.
Background: The background should complement the product without distracting from it. Neutral colors such as white, gray or pastels are often used to bring the product to the fore.
Perspective and Composition: The perspective from which the product is photographed can illustrate its shape, size and use. The composition should show the product in its best light, while leaving space for text or graphics that provide additional information.
Detail and macro shots: Details are especially important for beauty products. Macro shots can highlight the texture of creams, the shine of lipsticks or the intricacies of packaging.
Incorporate storytelling: Storytelling can create an emotional connection to the product and reinforce the brand message. For example, images showing the product in a natural setting or depicting its use by a satisfied customer can tell a story that appeals to the target audience.
When storytelling in cosmetic product photography, it is important to consider the identity and values of the brand. This can be done by selecting models that represent the target audience, using colors and styles that embody the brand, and incorporating appropriate props or backgrounds. The images should tell a story that speaks to the customer's wants, needs and aspirations and inspires them to buy the product.

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